Journey To Thailand – Good Book, Bad Sky Food!


Greetings from Bangkok! On Sunday I embarked on the journey with my husband & 3 kiddo’s to Thailand from Queensland, Australia. We left the house at 6.15am & arrived at our hotel to finally rest our heads at approx 2am our time. It was a long day which posed a few real food challenges for me.

On the upside I was able to read The Paleo Solution by Robb Wolff, cover to cover! A book that I highly recommend if you are interested in learning more about a real food lifestyle. I will warn you though that the Author uses the word “fanny” often, which is a bit disconcerting & made me giggle! Being American, I think he means bum, behind or tooshy. Maybe someone should tell him that in Australia it has a very different meaning and should not be used in the context of “move your fanny” or “tight fanny”!

Being unorganised when traveling & when you don’t eat processed food is not a good idea, lesson learnt! I packed our bags at the last minute, so I didn’t really think ahead regarding the journey itself. I had a realisation when I was at the airport that I may starve for the day unless I was prepared to break my real food pledge! You will be pleased to know I didn’t starve & even if I did I have enough body fat that it would never be fatal!

I managed to have a beef & pumpkin salad for breakfast at the airport thanks to Sumo Salad. The other option was Hungry Jacks which is a non option. Lucky I filled up on the salad because the next meal on the plane was worse than expected even for sky food. It was highly processed wheat filled, sugary, hot cakes with butter, a rock hard bun & a fake yogurt! Hmmmmm. As you can see by the picture, there is a capsicum pictured but believe me that this meal was far from green. I suspect that the meal would keep in the packet for 10 years & never rot! I opted for a packet of cashew & macadamia nuts & proceeded to hold my hungry thoughts for 9 hours until we landed at Kuala Lumpa.

I was delighted at the options in KL & enjoy a beautiful traditional curry called Beef Lemnag. The flavours were really amazing & it cost a total of $3 for an entire meal, even better!

Today I am looking forward to a day of Thai cuisine, some sites & catching up with a Thai friend who was nannied for us when our youngest was a baby. Stay posted for further Thai updates. Stay tuned folks.

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