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Caralee Caldwell
Hello! It is very nice to have you pop into my website. My name is Caralee. My blog is about sharing my REAL FOOD discoveries with you & showing you that committing exclusively to eating REAL FOOD & quitting processed food for good, is tasty, fun and that you will not be deprived but rather full, satisfied, healthy & enjoying your life to it’s fullest potential.

A bit about me: I grew up in a small town in the far North of New Zealand and I moved to the Gold Coast in Australia 10 years ago which is where home is now. I have been dabbling in the kitchen as long as I can remember, I have always enjoyed cooking and playing in the kitchen as much as I enjoy food itself. The perfect Saturday afternoon for me is pottering about in the kitchen preparing for a dinner party. I also love to travel, drink wine & have fun!

My day job: I am a Family Law Lawyer, I am very passionate about my career & I love helping my clients through what is a extremely difficult time. I manage our family business Caldwell Solicitors here on the Gold Coast & I love it.

Me & food: I used to have a very negative relationship with food & my body. I thought of food as something that I loved but I shouldn’t. I used to try every fad diet imaginable, yes I have been on them all, I have counted calories, points, bought meals, shakes, pills & worse! Of course, this was not sustainable & it lead to loosing 5kg them putting on 7kg…. repeatedly.  I suffered my entire life with intolerances & never gave it a second thought, I had never heard of food intolerances & I just accepted that it was life.

I decided that something needed to change, I was sick of being on a diet roller coaster, I didn’t want to live with a constantly battling my weight, tummy aches or blurriness anymore.

This change didn’t happen over night, it wasn’t a light bulb moment, it took time. I have discovered that real food is amazing, you can eat food & have positive feelings rather than negative ones & you don’t have to be ruled by food, but you can simply enjoy it. I am now FREE & I positively love food.

I have read quite a few books & hundreds of websites on the subject of food & health, some of which I relate to and others that I don’t. You can find some of the resources that I have enjoyed under the Lifestyle tab on my blog or click here. I have come to the conclusion that for my good health, I need to stick to the basics & eat simple, real food & not deviate from that. I need to stop being marketed to by big commercial companies & quit fake, processed food products.

Real food: So what do I mean by ‘real food’? Real food in my definition is food that nature provides for us, with as little processing as possible. There are a whole lot of natural or organic foods that are not so natural, so it can be a tricky business. Read the labels, carefully! Real food is the food that our grandparents use to eat when they were children, it is healthy, fresh and usually doesn’t come in packets. I am not putting a label on my style of eating, it truly is just getting back to the basics and honestly when you keep it simple, it is not that hard – KISS!

Here is my list of real foods:

  • Vegetables & Sea Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Meats
  • Poultry
  • Fish & Seafood
  • Eggs – I love eggs
  • Nuts & Seeds
  • Natural Fats – Olive oil, coconut oil & avocado

You may ask ‘how do you stick to only those ingredients?’ DESIRE! I desire to be healthy, feel well, look good & enjoy my life to the maximum that I possibly can. On this blog I will share my thoughts, discoveries & recipes about real food. If you have any questions or want to contact me I would love to hear from you. You can also follow me on Instagram or Facebook for daily updates.


28 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thanks for the love! Your blog is amazing! You are amazing! You look fantastic pretty lady! I look forward to more corresponding and maybe working together on future posts!

  2. Good morning! I found your blog this morning and I really can relate to your relation with food. I lost some weight two years ago and I gained a little in the last two months. I want to be friend with my food but it is not easy. I thank you for your interesting writing. I will go on reading your blog and follow you on Instagram to get inspiration! Have a good day! Elise from Canada

    • Hi Elise. Thanks for stopping by. I recommend you read the book It Starts With Food. This book changed my relationship I had with food & now I find it easy to be a friends with my food, it explains why it is so hard & why we roller coaster. Once I realised what the food I was choosing was doing to me I no longer wanted to eat that way. Good luck with your journey.

    • Thanks for stopping by Shannon. Yes it really does make a huge difference! It is just not that easy to get your mind there for a lot of people. It took me a long time to work it out but I am very great full that I finally did work it out!

  3. Hi Caralee, what a great post. Your (past) relationship to food sounds so much like mine was – a total love-hate relationship (loved to eat it, hated that I loved to eat it, and hated that it made me gain weight). I also dieted, starved, binged, etc etc… until I got ulcerative colitis and discovered I was also lactose intolerant. I’m fairly convinced I did most of this damage to myself, and now I’m following the SCD way of eating to try to heal myself. Your story is encouraging and I look forward to following it. All the best, Debby

    • Hi Debby. Thanks for stopping by, I love hearing from readers. I have never heard of that version of eating before, thanks for that I will look it up as I am always interested in different practices. Eating real food exclusively has changed my life. No more cravings, hating on myself, obsessive behaviour or tummy pain. It is good to hear that you to have discovered a happier path for yourself too. 🙂

  4. You’re so right Caralee. Even though I’ve only been on SCD for just under a month (and was a committed chocoholic prior), I realised last night that I’ve actually lost the desire to binge on choc and other junk. SCD is extremely intense – it’s designed to help heal intestinal diseases. But essentially, it’s all natural, pure foods (nothing packaged), so very similar to your way of eating. But it also cuts out the ‘fun’ healthy stuff like quinoa and carob! It’s all about eating monosaccharide carbs only, as the belief is that a damaged gut can’t handle more complex carbs. In fact it’s the reason I’m blogging – I’m keeping a daily journal of exactly how it’s going, because I looked for something like that when I started and I couldn’t really find any, so I decided to create my own 🙂 I can’t wait to try some of your recipes when I’m further along on the diet and have introduced more foods. Have an awesome day, and sorry for the long reply!

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