Reasons to Quit Processed Food

Vegetable Love
  1. Feel amazing inside & out– Since I quit processed food I feel amazing both inside and out! I am not bloated, I am regular (that is new for me), I am thinner, my head is clearer and in general I feel great. I am also enjoying experimenting and discovering an entire new world of food. One of my favourite discoveries is coconut yogurt. Yummo!
  2. Lose & maintain weight – You can easily lose weight when you eliminate processed food. There are so many hidden sugars, salts, chemicals and fats in processed foods that upset your insulin levels and other hormonal balances. Have you ever noticed that when you eat white toast for breakfast that you are starving again by 10am? Real food keeps you fuller for longer, it is also more difficult to over consume real food compared to processed food which is very easy to over consume. Enjoy eating as much real food as you like until you are full and still enjoy weight loss (if you need to lose weight).
  3. Prevent cancer & disease – There is a huge amount of evidence that supports that if you avoid processed food, therefore the toxic chemicals and nasties that they contain, you can prevent cancer and disease.
  4. Know what you consume – Why would you eat unidentifiable food? That is what processed food is!  We don’t even know what is in the processed food that we eat, we just eat it and trust the large companies that produce the food. Those companies only care about selling us products so they can make money, they don’t care about our health and well being. We have all consumed processed food blindly for years, but we are smarter and more educated now.
  5. Get your taste back – Most of us have been eating processed foods our entire lives, these foods are overly sugary or salty and have artificial flavours. Your taste buds actually become desensitised to all the amazing flavours that natural foods offer us. After two or three weeks of eating real food the flavours will come alive again and pop in your mouth.
  6. Provide your body with nutrients – Natural foods are full of vitamins and nutrients that are so beneficial for your body and mind. If you eat less processed food and more real food, such as fruit and vegetables you will naturally be getting more antioxidants, vitamins and fibre in your diet. That is a good thing!
  7. Be a role model for your children – Teach your children how to live a long, healthy, full life. Help them to become adults that don’t battle with  weight or health issues. That is the best gift you can give them.

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