Shabushi Real Food Experience

We stumbled across this fabulous Japanese restaurant in MBK Bangkok called Shabushi. It is a chain buffet restaurant, before you stop reading because I said ‘chain buffet’ be rest assured it is like no buffet that you have ever been to before. It was a fabulous real food experience that I really loved & was the perfect opportunity to try all sorts of real food.
We walked into the restaurant because we thought it was a sushi train style restaurant where you pick a plate & you are charged per plate that you eat. The staff didn’t speak english & our lack of Thai made it a guessing game as to what was going on when we sat down. Initially we didn’t realise it was a all you can eat & it took us a few plates in & a bill on our table to realise that it was one price for per person for as much as you could eat with in 75 minute time frame. It cost about $12 per person.
The waiter placed a large metal pot on a hot plate in the middle of our table. The pot had a divider down the middle & it that held two different broths, one broth was a plain chicken broth & the other broth had a touch of chilli in it, similar to tom yum soup.
All the food on the little plates on the conveyer belt were raw foods such as clams, bacon, bok choy, noodles, cabbage, chicken, liver, egg & many items that I could not even identify. There was at least 100 different choices of raw items to pick from.
There was also a range of fresh sushi items & salads that you could choose from at a buffet table. My favourite item out of the sushi was  a cucumber roll with crab meat, it was so fresh.
I tried a range of items to cook in the broth including crab claws, chicken patties, fish, bacon, pork, clams, cabbage, bok choy & crab cakes. There were quite a few foods that I had no idea what they were, I wasn’t quite brave enough to be that experimental & I stayed away from the liver, I have never been a fan unless it is made into pate!
The children loved the experience of cooking their own food & I enjoyed seeing what they choose to eat. Lets just say there was alot of meat & not alot of greenery going on their plates.





On the table there were pots of freshly chopped coriander, chilli & garlic to add to the dishes that you created, which just added an extra zing of freshness to the broth.
My favourite items were the fresh vegetables cooked in the broth, chicken patties which were made from minced chicken & the crab claws.IMG_2237
Also included as part of the buffet was a drinks fountain, fruit & all you can eat ice cream. Of course the kids had a ball drinking as much fizzy & eating as much ice cream as they could. Overall Shabushi was a wonderful experience for the entire family. I highly recommend visiting Shabushi if you are ever stopping in Bangkok or if you stumble across one of their franchises else where. Here is the link, it is a Thai website  but you may be able to translate it into english  :)x

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