My Recent Label Fail!

Goats Cheese
I have been so careful to read all the labels on the products that I buy. It is not that many labels these day’s because the majority of the food that I eat does not come with a label as I try & stick to the basics – meat, fruit & vegetables.

I sent my lovely husband off to the store to fetch a couple of items including goat cheese. He can back with this lovely jar of gourmet goat cheese of which he informed me cost $12, I nearly choked as I would not spend that much, however I was pleased to be in possession of something a little bit lovely… Mmmmmm goat cheese in extra virgin olive oil with fresh herbs & garlic. Yum!

I happily ate & enjoyed this beautiful goat cheese….. then a few days later I was pottering in the fridge & I picked up the jar to admire it. You would not believe what I saw on the back label…….

First ingredient – goat cheese. Second ingredient – canola oil! What the? Um… it states on the front label (that I trusted because it cost $12) extra virgin olive oil! Yes I was fooled, marketed to & tricked!

Real food lesson #7 – read labels carefully, even when & possibly especially when the front label states REAL FOOD goodness!

2 thoughts on “My Recent Label Fail!

  1. I am new to this real food diet loving your blog and yummy recipes but can you please educate me on the different oils? What is wrong with canola oil? Thanks

    • Thanks so much for visiting & your lovely comments. I will write a blog especially for you about different oils. But basically most oils apart from virgin olive oil, virgin coconut oil & avocado oil are chemically extracted which makes them pretty unhealthy. I have read lots of books on the matter & it is pretty gross. I will post something about it later.

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