A Mother’s Discovery About How Food Can Heal

Last week I was lucky enough to go to a gluten free, grain free workshop hosted by Tania Hubbard. Tania shared her story, which was amazing & she also demonstrated how to make grain free breads, muffins and pastry. It you want to read more about that click here.

At the workshop Tania invited a guest speaker Jess to share her amazing real food story. Jess is an inspiring, courageous mum with two small children. Her story is one of incredible hope about how food can positively change our own & the loved ones lives. I wanted to share her amazing real food story with you because I was so inspired by her.


Jess’s daughter Klaudia, who from the age of 7 months and up until only December 2012 was constantantly sick, it seemed to her parents & the numerous doctors the family consulted that Klaudia had no immune system.

From 7 months, Klaudia had continually suffered from chronic throat infections, ear infections, eye infections, chest infections and a myriad of other illnesses. Klaudia had her tonsils and adenoids removed and grommets inserted as soon as she turned one, but it made no difference.

Klaudia’s symptoms continued to get worse and she also started suffering from very painful rashes all over her face, chest and bottom. Jess & her husband consulted a ridiculous number of GP’s, Holistic Doctors, Nutritionists, Pediatricians, Dermatologists, & Optometrists, subjecting Klaudia to a numerous tests without any results. Jess said in her speak that the Doctors would simple treat the symptoms but no one could give them any answers as to what was the cause of these issues that Klaudia faced.

Klaudia was literally living on antibiotics to the point that the medications weren’t helping to fight the symptoms anymore.

Jess & her husband were desperate, they really didn’t know where things were headed and began to assume the worst about Klaudia’s health and her future.

One day Jess had a chance meeting with Tania Hubbard & spoke to her about Klaudia’s health. Tania suggested that she eliminate all gluten’s, grains and additives from Klaudia’s diet to see if that made a difference.

Klaudia had been tested for food intolerances, however nothing showed up in any of the blood tests.

It turns out by eliminating grains, gluten and food additives (all proceeded food) they saw constant improvements is Klaudia’s health & now one year later she is a normal healthy two-year-old kid!! She is continuing to put on weight and grows taller everyday but the greatest outcome of all is she is now able to fight most viruses and infections all on her own (no antibiotics!)
Jess has been on an amazing journey of food discovery this year and now the whole family are a REAL FOOD family. Jess has learnt to cook everything from scratch & nourishes her family with the food that nature provides. She is very creative & caters for the children with real food lunch boxes and children’s treats so that they don’t miss out on all the fun.

Jess has a blog & posts yummy recipes that are kid friendly, as you can see Klaudia loves the real food that her mum cooks. You can check it out for yourself here http://cooking4k.com/ or on her Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/CookingForK?ref=hl

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