Gluten Free Grain Free Workshop by Tania Hubbard

20131114-120824.jpgLast night I was fortunate enough to attend a gluten free, grain free workshop hosted by Tania Hubbard.

Tania is the founder of The Gluten Free Grain Free Company, which is a proud local Queensland company. Tania’s company sells a range of gluten free and grain free, bake at home products that she has cleverly developed. She also has a beautiful cookbook packed with over 150 recipes. I am fizzing to have my own copy!

Last night at the workshop Tania told her own story of the health issues that she had struggled with her entire life. It was not until she was in her thirties that she was diagnosed with Celiac disease and the soon after an intolerance to leptin which is found in grains. Since becoming gluten and grain free, Tania said she has been a different person.

Tania is a veracious, down to earth, quite blunt & hysterically funny woman (I love all those qualities), she had the room in fits of laughter. She held a relaxed, inviting workshop, I was completely captured by her passion and love of food & life in general.

Tania showed the group how to whip up grain free, sugar free & diary free breads, muffins and pastry. I was absolutely, impressed as I thought that choosing a real food path where processed foods are out, meant that those items were to never pass my lips again. How wrong was I, pumpkin seed pastry (made for only 2 natural ingredients) here I come!

Check out Tania’s website & blog – there is a wealth of knowledge, recipe’s, products and workshops to explore. Click here

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