Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Salad

The first thing that I have to confess is that I cannot take the credit for making this salad, I only participated in eating it! I was at a friends house and one of the guests pulled out these beautiful fresh ingredients and proceeded to place together this gorgeous salad for us to enjoy.  With salads, I tend to use the same type ingredients and cut the ingredients the same way, so I always love to tasting other people’s creations.

One of the lovely things about this salad which I thought was a great idea was that there were a variety of different tomatoes, which if you look closely you will see.


Roma tomatoes
A variety pack of cherrie tomatoes
Fresh mozzarella
Fresh basil
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Cut the Roma’s in thick slices and place thick slices of fresh mozzarella in-between the tomato slices. Place around plate. Start filling the gaps on the plate with the different varieties of whole cherry tomato’s and halved cherry tomatoes. Break the Basil up into pieces and generously place around the plate around the tomatoes. In the gaps fill with roughly broken pieces of fresh mozzarella. Generously splash the extra virgin olive oil over the top. Crack some salt and pepper on top and serve.

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