Coconut Aminos… What is it & where can you buy it?

Coconut Amino
I have been using Coconut Aminos in lots of my recipe’s and a few people have asked me what it is. It is a sauce that is the perfect Soy Sauce alternative and it is delicious… that is what it is!

I have only recently discovered Coconut Aminos, but I am already onto my second bottle and I am hooked. Now that I don’t consume any soy products because they are highly processed, I needed to use an alternative to soy sauce.

What is Coconut Aminos made from? Coconut Aminos is made from the raw sap of the coconut tree, it is then naturally aged and blended with sun-dried sea salt and maybe a touch of chilli depending on the brand that you buy.

What does it taste like? It is similar to Soy Sauce, however it is a bit sweeter and it little less salty. I actually prefer the taste of Coconut Aminos compared to Soy Sauce.

What can you use it for? I have been using Coconut Aminos in stirfry’s, on pan fried Salmon or splashed over a salad.

Where can you buy it? I buy mine from my local whole food store, Flannery’s, however it depends where you live as to where you can buy it from. I did a little google search for you and fancy that, you can purchase Coconut Aminos on Amazon. What can’t you buy on Amazon? Here is the link for your buying pleasure

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