Byron Bay Eats

Today we took a day trip to a near by town for the day. If you have ever been lucky enough to explore Byron Bay in Northern New South Wales of Australia, you will know immediately that we had a great day. It goes without saying! Byron Bay is full of colourful characters, amazing eats and lots of tie dye! (Yes tie dye lives on in a big way in Byron!) The town is renowned for vegan, whole and organic foods.
We started the day by stopping by the local markets that are held in Byron once a month. We didn’t have breakfast before we started our journey, so our first stop at the markets was scouting out the food stalls.

To my absolute delight, there was a raw food stall called ‘Raw Ecstasy’, selling many delicious treats that were all gluten, dairy & sugar free. There was the choice of Chocolate Avocado Pie, Lime Pie, Chocolate Beetroot Cake, Davidson Tart, Chocolate Brownie and Jaffa Cake. I was intrigued by the Chocolate Beetroot Cake which was made from beetroot, coconut, cacao, dates & coconut oil. The icing on this cake was amazing and the cake itself was dense and moist. My three year old daughter could not keep her eyes off my cake, it looked as fabulous as it tasted.
As we made our way around the market in the heat, I came across this very cute tea tent. They had a range of chilled tea’s that were simply tea and were not made with a sugary base like commercial brands are. I bought a black tea that was laced with apple and cinnamon, it smelt and tasted divine. I am inspired to start making my own refreshing chilled tea at home.
We enjoyed hours of fun at the beach playing and relaxing. Cameron (my lovely husband) went and bought drinks for us, he came back with water for everyone and a beautifully cold can on coconut water for me. I was delighted! I am in love with coconut water, it is the best beach drink ever. If you are not lucky enough to be at the beach or on holiday, drinking coconut water will make you feel like you are, just close your eyes and sip!
Sadly the day came to an end! I left Byron Bay a little sandy and sunburnt, but mostly very eager to learn how to make Beetroot Chocolate Cake with amazing icing. One piece just wasn’t enough!

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