Enjoying Functions

Some people might say it is impossible to stick to eating REAL FOOD when you eat out at functions because you have no control over the food that is put in front of you. That is true, you have little control, but you can still stick to eating REAL FOOD. My husband Cameron and I regularly attend functions as part of his job. This photo of us was taken as we were leaving the house for a Ball not that long ago.

Cameron and Caralee
Generally speaking there are always breads on the table, in the past I could not leave bread on the table. Rule number one that I tell myself is… “Caralee, just because it is in front of you, doesn’t mean that you HAVE to consume it or that it is good for you“. I was brought up where I HAD to eat everything on my plate. I am an adult now and I don’t have to eat everything on my plate and I won’t risk getting a smack from mum with a fork if I dare leave anything!!

At functions the entrees are easy because there are usually little salads with prawns, chicken or beef. Entree’s are usually real food compliant.

Main courses usually consist of meat and a side of vegetables. Big tick!

Desserts are NEVER going to be REAL food, so just politely say no thanks to the waiter so that you don’t have it sitting in front of you for 15 minutes, otherwise that is asking for trouble. You know what, all of those desserts are bulk made and processed tasting anyway. Really.. how often do you go to a function and eat an AMAZING desert? Believe me you are not actually missing out.

Lately I have been asking the waiter to bring me a cup of peppermint tea, which is nice to have while all the others at your table are eating dessert.

Just relax, enjoy yourself and eat the REAL FOOD that is presented to you and leave the rest! I promise I won’t tell mum you didn’t eat all your dinner!

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