Tea Time


I use to love milky tea and coffee, I could think of nothing worse than drinking a black tea or coffee. A few years ago I went to Thailand for three weeks, where it is not the norm to just grab a coffee. I started to drink the herbal tea that was on offer in our apartment and I have been enjoying herbal tea ever since and now I don’t enjoy milky drinks at all.

Yay.. I have formed a new healthy habit!!

This year I have stepped up my tea experimenting and have tried many different teas. There are so many to choose from, they taste great, they smell amazing and they are good for you. Some of my favourites ehave been, Rose, Ginger, Liquorice & Peach. I also enjoy Peppermint as a staple.

2 thoughts on “Tea Time

    • Thanks for looking at my site 🙂 That is how I feel about bread, I love it even though it doesn’t love me! I have been having my coffee as a long black on ice, which I love! I don’t enjoy a hot long black (go figure) I live in a hot climate so that helps.

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