Why Real Food?

For my entire adult life I have been eating low fat, no fat, counting points and calories and buying into the latest magical diet… this is NOT working.. I am 10 kilo’s heavier in 10 years!!

Over the past couple of years I have been thinking and pondering about what food I eat and how it makes me feel. There are certain foods that simply don’t agree with me, such as wheat. I have wanted to find a way of eating that can be a long term answer, no more diets. I have tried to stick to many food plans, usually I last one month before I go off the wagon! (It is starting to sound like an AA meeting already!)

In January of 2011 for one month I ate nothing but meat, vegetables and fruit after I returned from a holiday. I felt amazing and I lost 5 kilo’s. But then I just slipped back to my bad habits. Since that time I have implemented a few good habits such as drinking herbal tea instead of consuming tea and coffee topped with lots of milk.

I am working on changing my life on a permanent basis and I have started this blog to hopefully encourage others through sharing my journey.

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